A victim of violent British criminal Charles Bronson has slammed moviemakers for producing a "distressing" new film about his life.
Bronson - starring Tom Hardy - is based on the life of the notorious convict, who was jailed for armed robbery in 1974 and has stayed behind bars ever since due to a string of assaults on fellow inmates and prison guards.
Officials at the U.K.'s Prison Officers Association previously criticised the movie, insisting filmmakers should not be "glorifying this type of behaviour".
And now one of Bronson's victims has vented his fury about the new film.
Teacher Phillip Danielson was taken hostage and tortured by Bronson at Hull prison in 1999 and the incident is featured in a scene in the movie.
Sasha Callaghan, of the University and College Union, a representative for Danielson, says, "There is CCTV footage of Phillip being tied to a chair and tortured, dragged around with a rope around his neck, and held over a balcony and told he would be dropped. He was beaten, abused and so seriously traumatised he was forced to take early retirement on health grounds. The film has caused an awful lot of distress."
Danielson adds, "My mental state has suffered terribly. It has cost me dearly."