Charli XCX has compared the arrival of her DIY isolation album, 'how i'm feeling now', to birthing a child.

The 27-year-old pop star is overjoyed to have been able to drop the confessional record - which focuses largely on her relationship with partner Huck Kwong - during the coronavirus pandemic in just a few short weeks, with the help of producers Palmistry, Dylan Brady, A. G. Cook, Mechatok, and her fans - who have helped her with the artwork and creative decisions.

Alongside a snap of herself in a hot tub, Charli tweeted: ''just birthed an album. #howimfeelingnow (sic)''

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker has shared the entire journey with her fans on social media, with a number of video diary entries, and at one put it was touch and go whether she'd manage to complete on time.

Last month, she confessed that she ''cried for the first time'' whilst making the LP.

The 'Gone' hitmaker burst into tears as she was ''worried'' she'd been ''too demanding'' of the people involved with the project.

However, she insisted she was feeling much ''better'' about it.

She shared: ''it's been 2 weeks since I started making ''how i'm feeling now''. this week i began to feel the pressure of time. i worried i was being too demanding of people and cried for the first time in the album making process i feel better now here's a roundup of week 2 (sic)''

In the accompanying clip, Charli admitted she was concerned she was ''pushing people to make stuff'' during quarantine, when ''maybe they just want to chill'', and admitted that she was ''frustrated'' at herself for ''not doing everything'' she wanted to do.

The 'Pink Diamond' star was overwhelmed by the response to the lead single, 'forever'.

And before the pressure got to her, Charli was feeling chilled out about the LP because she already had six out of what became 11 tracks finished.

She said: ''I won't lie - we're going for a 10-track album and I've done six, so I'm not that stressed.

''I checked the timer today and I was like: 'Oh, there's thirty days left. No problem!'''

'how i'm feeling now' is out now on all major streaming platforms.