Charli XCX can't wait for Adele's new album.

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker hugely admires the 'Hello' singer and thinks her new record will make all of her competitors look ''worthless'' in comparison.

She told Billboard: ''She's just going to like kill us all and make us all worthless. It's just going to be amazing.

''There are so many amazing females in the music industry right now. The topic of feminism is continuously being discussed and that's really incredible.''

Charli also claimed it's that competition between females in the music industry doesn't exist.

She said: ''I don't think it's competitive. I think that's what the media makes it out to be. I think it's harder for women in the sense that there's always the question of 'How does it feel to be a woman in music?' I think that adds an unnecessary pressure.

''And also I feel like there's always more questions asked if you're a female like 'Did you write your own song, really?', 'Did you produce your own song, really?' Whereas sometimes with men it's just taken as a given that they did.''