Charli XCX wants to collaborate with Chris Martin.

The pop star admits she would love to write a song with the Coldplay frontman and would be very happy if the track ended up on the band's next album.

Speaking to Daryl Morris on The Hits radio, Charli - who has previously written for Iggy Azalea and Icona Pop among other artists - said: ''I'd like to write a song with Chris Martin. I'm a big Chris Martin fan. We actually toured together a couple of years ago and that was cool. I don't know about whether it would be a song for me or just a song that we write. But I think he's an amazing songwriter.''

Charli has been busy for the past few months touring her second album 'Sucker' and she hasn't written a new track for a ''long'' time.

The 'Boom Clap' singer is itching to get back in the studio and pen some new music because the lack of creativity in her life is getting her down.

She explained: ''I haven't written for so long. I feel really depressed about it. I've not been in the studio I've just been on tour and it's not cool to not have been in the studio. Don't get me wrong I love being on tour and especially as it's my first headline tour of the UK ever, which is very exciting, but I do want to get back in the studio!''