If you're looking for a show that approaches various topics with tenacity whilst sticking to the by-the-book rules of anthology storytelling, then you can't really do much better than 'Black Mirror'. Created by Charlie Brooker, the show currently consists of 3 seasons (with a fourth on the way), taking place in a different time, place or universe in each and every episode. New characters are introduced with their stories told in around an hour and, by the end of each slice of entertainment you're left with some big questions about morals and life in general.

Charlie Brooker has won awards for his work in televisionCharlie Brooker has won awards for his work in television

Though you'd be foolish to try and put 'Black Mirror' in a box relating to genre, it's fair to say that a lot of what's been on offer so far is at least within touching distance of the sci-fi realm. Tales are usually told with a dark sense of humour weaved throughout, allowing audiences a laugh when they need it despite the often heavy content.

Taking to his Twitter account, the show's creator wrote: "We're pleased to announce Black Mirror will soon be available in high-tech 'paper' format," before linking through to the Amazon UK purchase page for the series' first volume. At time of writing, the book is set for release on February 22, 2018.

Various reports suggest that the first book will collect a selection of varying short stories by different authors, but no further details have been given as to just who may be on board.

Judging by what has come before the collection however, we believe you can firmly rest assured that the stories here will all be hugely different to one another, with underlying commentary on social politics, injustice and more.

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'Black Mirror' seasons 1-3 are available now on Netflix, with season 4 expected to drop before the end of the year.