If any TV show was about to start innovating our Netflix experience, it had to be Charlie Brooker's 'Black Mirror'. The upcoming fifth season has an interactive surprise in store, coming perhaps sooner than you think. It may be 'mirroring' 2017's fourth series with the imminent release date. 

Charlie Brooker at the 2018 Creative Arts EmmysCharlie Brooker at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys

The fifth season was announced back in March and has been in the midst of filming ever since. Producers are yet to unveil the new episode list, any of the episode plots at all or even any of the actors starring in the new season. What we do know to expect is six episodes that will do doubt thrill, depress and terrify us viewers.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the new series is the fact that one episode is going to be an interactive experience. In the spirit of video game culture, viewers will get to select the paths the characters go down and ultimately determine the likely miserable ending of these poor souls. Which means you won't be able to scream at the screen 'Idiot!' and 'Why did he do that!?' because it will be all your fault.

Previously, creator Charlie Brooker has revealed his intentions for sequels to the first and second episodes of season 2, 'White Bear' (starring Lenora Crichlow) and 'Be Right Back' (Domhnall Gleeson), as well as citing possible recurring characters from 'Hated in the Nation' (Kelly Macdonald and Faye Marsay). But there's no whisper anywhere that he has taken any of the season 5 episodes in those directions.

Last year's stand-out episodes included the four-time Emmy-winning 'USS Callister' with Jesse Plemons and the anthology of an antholoy, 'Black Museum', starring Letitia Wright.

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'Black Mirror' season 5 could be arriving as early as December 2018 - which is just as well because you've probably watched and re-watched all nineteen past episodes of the series at least six times each since season 4 aired on Netflix on December 29th last year, right?