Charlie Brooker opens up about his inspiration for the latest season of 'Black Mirror' in a series of featurettes exploring what he was trying to achieve with each story. For the 'Hang the DJ' episode, for example, he drew parallels with music streaming service Spotify.

Charlie Brooker at the BAFTAsCharlie Brooker at the BAFTAs

In a new featurette for Netflix, the creator of this intense drama series explains the idea behind 'Hang the DJ'; the fourth episode from the fourth season of 'Black Mirror' which has been streaming since the end of December.

'What if there was a service that was a bit like Spotify for dates?' He said in the video. 'It could generate a playlist of relationships. It would tell you who you were going to be going out with next and for how long. The system is learning from your reaction to being paired with all these different types of people. Once it figures it's learnt enough about you it will then pair you up with the ultimate soulmate.'

The episode follows two people who are on this long slog of a journey to find 'the one', forced to engage in months of poor relationships despite falling for each other on their 12 hour date at the start. 'In a way, that's a world in which all romantic worries are taken care of', Charlie Brooker continues. 'It's like a codified version of real life.'

As for the other episodes, 'U.S.S. Callister' was something he'd been dreaming of doing for a long time, with references to classic shows like 'Star Trek' and such, all 'done with affection'. 'I always wanted to do an episode set in space', he said. 'For the first time in my life I'd written 'interior spaceship' and there it is. I brought my kids along so they believe daddy has a spaceship.'

He also described 'Black Museum' as a 'funhouse episode' or a 'house of horrors', adding that it was something of a trip down memory lane given the various references to previous episodes, while 'Metalhead' was a 'bottled nightmare' that was 'visceral and unrelenting from the very start'.

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'Crocodile', meanwhile, was 'a cat and mouse game in which neither the cat nor mouse are aware of each other's existence' and 'Arkangel' followed the archetypal theme of a story 'where a good instinct is being possibly indulged or exacerbated by some kind of gizmo'.