Charlie Day steals his characters’ socks.

The ‘I Want You Back’ actor doesn’t swipe many souvenirs from set but always takes one particular item because he always finds it hard to buy pairs that fit in his everyday life.

Asked if he’s ever stolen anything from set, he said: “I usually wind up with my characters’ socks.

“I feel like I’ll have a short prison sentence if they catch me for that.

“But the average sock never fits me. The heel is up by my ankle.”

Even if he’s got a long day planned on set, the 46-year-old star knows it isn’t a good idea for him to have a nap.

He told Total Film magazine: “I have done it but I was able to do it more as a younger actor. Now I have too much going on in my head.

“And I don’t recover well from a nap, so I try to avoid taking one.”

Charlie travels light when he’s working but always makes sure his family are able to reach him.

He said: “I’m just not one of those actors with a feather in my shoe or stuff like that.

“Sadly I do always have my cellphone with me because my wife is going to call with something going on with my son and I just don’t want to not be reachable for five hours.

“But no, I don’t bring any superstitions.

“And I don’t want to be weighed down by stuff – to have a trailer full of stuff and pockets full of stuff. I’d rather be free.

“I don’t take a book because I prefer conversations.”