Charlie Hunnam is out! The actor sensationally left behind his role as Christian Grey in the upcoming FiftyShades of Grey movie adaptation following varied reports stating his schedule was too packed up already and that he had gotten cold feet over the immense pressure of the role. Now the race is one to find another Christian Grey and the shortlist of potential candidates seems to keep on growing.

Matt BomerAlexander Skarsgard
Matt Bomer (L) is the bookie's favourite, but Alexander Skarsgard is still heavily rumoured with the role

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alexander Skarsgard is among the favorites to succeed Hunnam, with his steamy scenes in True Blood and his obvious sex appeal boding well with producers. The same report also states that Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan is also in line to take on the job, however neither of these rumors have been confirmed yet. THR have also reported that Oscar-nominated screenwriter Patrick Marber (Notes on a Scandal) has been brought in to adjust the script to accomodate another actor.

But THR's word isn't gospel, and there's is but one of many rumors surrounding the vacant Christian Grey role. Elsewhere, The Sun are reporting that director Sam Taylor-Johnson's husband Aaron Johnson is also in contention to take on the role of the BDSM-obsessed billionaire. A source told the paper, "Aaron was one of the original choices but the concern was that Sam would have difficulty directing her own husband and that Aaron would feel uncomfortable," however the recent revelations have apparently made him reconsider his involvement in the movie. The source added, "Aaron is in pre-production for the movie The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but they can easily work around the scheduling."

But none of these actors are among the favorites to take on the role of Grey, with Oddschecker placing Matt Bomer at the top of the pile of potential Greys. He currently stands at a 5/2 favourite to take the part, with Alex Pettyfer and Ian Somerhalder also among the favorites to appear in the role. With Skarsgard at 7/1 and Dornan at 16/1, a cheeky bet on either might end up paying off. Not that we're encouraging gambling.

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is still scheduled for a August 2014 release date, so the producers behind the project really need to up the ante with finding a suitable replacement. With reports that female lead Dakota Johnson may also be questioning her involvement in the film, then time really is of the essence.

Dakota Johnson
Johnson is said to be reconsidering her role in the film