Max Winkler says Charlie Hunnam is a "character actor" rather than a leading man.

The 40-year-old actor star's in Max's 'Jungleland' about two drifter brothers eager to escape their dead-end lives and Max has been a huge fan of Charlie since he saw him in 'King Arthur'.

He told Variety: "Charlie is someone who has always excelled in his movie star roles, but I think he's also a character actor. I think he identifies more as Ratso Rizzo [character from the movie 'Midnight Cowboy'] than as a leading man. I'd been going through a weird spell because I have anxiety - just the normal thing for those of us who suffer from Judaism and have aspirations of making movies. I kept watching 'King Arthur' on television. When it came out, people had different opinions of it, but I thought it was incredible and the story was beautiful. The first time I met with Charlie, I was raving about it. I told him that I'd shown my therapist the final scene because it's all about confronting your greatest fear. He thought I was f****** with him."

And Max was impressed with Charlie's preparation to play the character of down-on-his-luck Stanley Kaminsky.

He said: "He lost about 30 pounds and we cut his hairline way back. He went around with the wardrobe designer to raid the racks at clothing stores and flea markets. He was so committed to this part. There was never one moment where I worried about him finding the character.

"The people in the towns where we shot reacted to him so passionately. They love 'Sons of Anarchy', so when he'd appear, you'd think he was BTS. Everywhere we went there were hundreds of people. We needed extra security and decoys to get him out of places where we were shooting."