If the prospects of having to get his kit off many times on screen as well as learn how to deftly wield whips and paddles may have flustered Charlie Hunnam, the actor who'll play Fifty Shades of Grey's Christian Grey, then the news that over 75,000 furious 50 Shades readers had taken their discontentment towards him playing the lead male role to Change.org to demand a casting reshuffle, should by rights make him feel practically terrified.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam Is Confident In His Acting Ability & Interaction With Dakota.

However, it seems that the 33 year-old English actor could not be more confident in his skills, and quite probably takes all the petitioning and hate tweeting as a challenge to be the best Grey possible. Describing his experience of the hotly anticipated adaptation of EL James' erotic trilogy so far as "exciting and fun and weird and compelling," there's little sense of fear or trepidation in Hunnam's words as he talks to Hollywood Life.

Charlie Hunnam Pacific Rim
Seems Like Fans Needn't Doubt Charlie Or His Abilities.

Hunnam spoke about how at first he was nervous about making a three-movie commitment after coming out of a seven year stint on Sons of Anarchy, though was spurred on after he read James' first instalment in which a kinky billionaire (Grey) turns bookish student Ana Steele into his sex slave. Though James' 3-part series has been dismissed by many as badly written "mommy porn," Hunnam was "intrigued" by the character of Grey and "excited at the prospect" of playing the dominant business magnate. 

Dakota Johnson
Charlie Hunnam & Dakota Johnson's Chemistry Is Described As "Tangible."

Charlie sat down with director Sam Taylor-Johnson to determine the direction of his character and "bring him to life." "I'm kind of very cautious and studied about the decisions I make in my career," he said with regards to basing his decision to firm up his role in the film on the basis that he and the actress playing Ana, Dakota Johnson, had some chemistry. Sure enough, Hunnam and Dakota's chemistry is reportedly remarkable as the actor attests: "as soon as we got in the room and I started reading with Dakota, I knew that I definitely wanted to do it because there's just like a tangible chemistry between us."

Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer Is The Actor Many Have Petitioned For To Play Grey.

Many actors may have decided that the numerous sordid sex scenes that the film is likely to employ could make them the ridicule of Hollywood, especially if the film is panned. For Hunnam however, who is still eking his way into the public eye, such a career defining role doesn't seem to pose any problems after what he describes as "a baptism of fire" at the beginning of his career.

Hunnam references the "incredible, explicit scenes" from Channel 4 show, Queer As Folk that he starred in 14 years ago. With regards to the notorious 50 Shades sex scenes, Hunnam shrugs off any mention of stage fright, explaining: "I am 16 years older and more mature so I don't anticipate them [the sex scenes] being too much of a problem. It's like anything else, just an exciting challenge."

Alexis Bledel
Some Fans Feel Alexis Bledel Would Be The Best Choice To Play Ana Steele.

EL James is said to have given the Pacific Rim star a mega thumbs up, describing Hunnam as "gorgeous" and "talented." Even Matt Bomer - the man who, along with Alexis Bledel as Ana, fans are calling for to play Grey - has recently said he's looking forward to seeing how Charlie and Dakota fare in the movie. And the 75K fans that aren't happy with the way they think Ana and Grey will look? Seems like they need to pipe down and let cinema work some wonders.