Charlie Hunnam has revealed his "relief" at no longer being involved in the 50 Shades of Grey movie adaptation. Universal Pictures confirmed on Saturday, 12 October, that the actor had walked from the project, confirming his exit a month before filming was due to begin on the project. Apparently though, Charlie hasn't been fazed by his exit at all, and if anything he is happy his involvement with it is over.

A source close to the Sons of Anarchy star has spoken with Fox News about the exit and revealed that it is a "big relief" for Charlie to finally be disassociated with the project. When his exit was initially reported, Hunnam's excuse was that he had too busy a schedule to commit to the film, however reports soon emerged saying the actor had gotten cold feet over the role and had become overwhelmed by his sudden thrust into the limelight.

The revelation from the Fox insider confirms that the actor was reluctant to commit to the role in the first place and now that his part in the film has been officially discontinued, he apparently couldn't be more relieved.

“It was something he had been concerned about for a while and it was a difficult decision, and the contract wasn’t fully signed,” the source told FOX411. “I don’t think he was expecting it to be such a huge deal and he wasn’t comfortable with all the attention.”

Another source went on to reveal that Hunnam had feared that his portrayal as the S&M-enthused billionaire Christian Grey might damage his career in the long run, adding that the British actor wants a long, rewarding career, not one where he is suddenly famous one day and yesterday's news the next. The second insider added, “It’s a big relief. He doesn’t need that kind of pressure. He doesn’t need to be a huge star. He just wants to keep working and take on interesting roles. He’s happy.”

Hunnam's exit has created a mad frenzy within the 50 Shades production team, as the hunt is on for a new Christian Grey. According to reports, Alexander Skarsgard is among the top names associated with the role, however Matt Bomer still remains the bookie's favourite for the part.

Hunnam's exit has also prompted rumours that his would-be co-star Dakota Johnson is also contemplating her part in the movie version of EL James' successful book. Johnson's rep has refused to comment on the rumours surrounding the actress' involvement in the project.

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