So fans all over the world have waited more than a year for news on the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie adaptation, but there was a definite resounding disappointment when author EL James finally spilled the main cast over Twitter earlier this week. 

Charlie Hunnam Pacific Rim PremiereCharlie Hunnam Pacific Rim Premiere

With everyone expecting one of a series of major actresses for the role of small, dark-haired, big blue-eyed Anastasia Steele, Alexis Bledel being the favourite, the fact that tall, blonde 'Ben and Kate' star Dakota Johnson was selected caused more than a flicker of annoyance among serious readers. However, probably the more outrageous side of the update was who would take on the challenge of the dark and mysterious Christian Grey: not Matt Bomer or Robert Pattinson as fans had hoped, but 'Sons of Anarchy' actor Charlie Hunnam. As the world reached for Google for a reminder as to who this Newcastle born 33-year-old was, his welcome into the project became the coldest he'd ever received.

Queer As Folk Lead Promo ShotCharlie with Craig Kelly & Aidan Gillen

But it's not as though he doesn't have the credibility to fill expectations of such a role; his first major part came when he was 18, playing gay teenager Nathan Maloney alongside lead actor Aidan Gillen in Russell T. Davies' 1999 series 'Queer As Folk', which had a similar amount of sexual controversy in its time as the 'Fifty Shades.' trilogy has. He's also not unfamiliar with dark characters, having played two gun-toting villains in 'Children of Men' and 'Cold Mountain', and the particularly violent hooligan Pete Dunham in 'Green Street'- so filling Christian Grey's unstable sadist shoes won't be so much of a challenge.

Charlie Hunnam in Sons Of AnarchyCharlie Hunnam in Sons Of Anarchy

Since 2008, Hunnam has starred as Jax in Kurt Sutter's gritty motorcycle drama 'Sons of Anarchy'. His character has personal and family problems, a rebellious streak and is President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club's Redwood Original which puts him in a position of immense power - not unlike Christian's role as the head of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.. Jax also has serious relationship issues throughout the series which, in some ways, are just as destructive as Christian's own love life.

While we know that Hunnam is no stranger to controversy, violence and personal 'issues' when it comes to his acting roles, it seems that 'Fifty Shades.' fans' main grievance is that of his looks. Sure, he doesn't have copper-coloured hair and his eyes aren't necessarily what you'd call smouldering, but we think his strong jawline, grey-blue irises and well-defined muscular physique fits the profile easily. Plus, he's incredibly handsome and, whilst possessing friendly features which fit certain roles, has the ability to look pretty scary when he needs to.

So, we reckon Charlie Hunnam will do EL James proud in this movie whatever his sharp-tongued critics say. It's still going to be one of 2014's biggest blockbusters and no amount of petitioning for a change of lead roles is going to change that. 

Charlie Hunnam at FX Sons Of Anarchy PremiereCharlie Hunnam Out And About
Charlie Hunnam Out And About

Charlie Hunnam at SundanceCharlie Hunnam in Green Street
Charlie Hunnam at Sundance Festival and as Pete in Green Street

Charlie as Nicholas NicklebyCharlie Hunnam in Undeclared
Charlie Hunnam starring in Nicholas Nickleby and Undeclared