Quirky screenwriter Charlie Kaufman has reignited his feud with Hollywood hunk GEORGE CLOONEY - saying he is deeply unhappy with the way he was treated by the star.

The pair fell out after BEING JOHN MALKOVICH scribe Kaufman submitted a script for Clooney's directorial debut Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, which George then changed.

And Kaufman cites Clooney's refusal to involve him in rewrites on the project and the subsequent way in which the OCEAN'S ELEVEN star then praised him for the script, knowing it bore little resemblance to the finished product.

Kaufman tells EMPIRE ONLINE, "I was upset by the fact that he took the movie from me and then cut me out after that. I'm unhappy with the end result. And I'm unhappy with George Clooney. I had a movie that I wrote and that isn't it.

"With Spike Jonze, if there's any rewriting to do, I do it. But with Clooney it was different…even the end of the movie is different. I mean, Clooney went on forever about how my Confessions…screenplay was one of the greatest scripts he'd read. But if someone truthfully felt that way they they'd want the person who wrote it to be onboard offering their thoughts and criticisms. But Clooney didn't. And I think it's a silly way to be a director."

01/04/2004 17:13