Charlie Sheen's twin boys were taken into protective care by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services from the home of their mother Brooke Mueller on Thursday (May 2) night, TMZ report. Apparently the Los Angeles officials decided her house was an "unsafe environment" for children, with Sheen's former wife and mother to his daughter, Denise Richards, offering her services as a carer.

According to the sources speaking with TMZ, officials from the Children and Family Services Dept. arrived to Brooke's home on Thursday with a warrant, leaving with 4-year-old Bob and Max. The officials deemed Brooke's home as being unsafe for the children because they suspected she has relapsed into using drugs again, something she's been struggling with for years, and they believed drugs may be in the premise and the children were in genuine danger.

Charlie Sheen
Is Charlie Sheen ready to take care of his kids full-time?

TMZ also say that a court hearing has been set for some time next week so that a more permanent solution regarding where the children's living situation can be founded. The children may be handed to Sheen, who has begun to control his lifestyle following his spectacular public breakdown in 2011, but given that he was overlooked in the immediate aftermath of the boy's removal from Mueller's home then he might not yet be an option for the care services.

That said, Brooke and Charlie had came to blows over custody rights to the kids around Christmas time and for some while after, and if Sheen is to put in a convincing case for having full rights to his children then he may be in with a chance.

Denise Richards
Denise Richards, pictured with daughter Lola and her friend, has been taking care of Charlie and Brooke's boys.