The tale of Charlie Sheen’s kids continues. After the twins got taken away from Brooke Mueller, due to her persistent abuse of prescription drugs, and placed in the care of Denise Richards, the court, Sheen and Richards herself are in the process of figuring out a more permanent living situation for the kids. The actors met up at an L.A. area court last week to discuss the matter, E!News reports.

Both Richards and Sheen were very formal, sporting all black ensembles and dark glasses when they entered the building. However, beyond the fact that the meeting did happen, nothing else has been revealed to the media. Sheen’s lawyer Mark Gross revealed that the judge issued an order stating that none of the parties involved or their lawyers could comment on the case. That was probably a wise move, considering the extensive coverage the case has been getting ever since the twins were taken away from Mueller.

Meanwhile, Mueller is still checked into the UCLA Center, since the incident during which the children were taken away a couple of weeks ago. She is expected to move straight to a residential treatment facility – also known as rehab. The twins, Max and Bob, are currently living with Richards, along with their two half-sisters.

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Sheen and Richards might not have worked out as a couple, but they've teamed up in the name of the children.