Charlie Sheen is adamant that he has not infected any of his sexual partners with HIV since his diagnosis.

The controversial actor, 50, was asked about his sexual history in a frank interview with British journalist and commentator Piers Morgan in a one-off show, ‘An Evening with Charlie Sheen’, at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane on Sunday evening (June 19th).

Sheen went public with his HIV diagnosis in November 2015, but confirmed that he had been diagnosed a number of years before that. Morgan directly asked him whether he had had unprotected sex since discovering his HIV positive status, which he denied.

Charlie Sheen Piers MorganCharlie Sheen being interviewed by Piers Morgan

“I never did. Because I wouldn't do that to someone. I would not. How could I explain it later?”

The former ‘Two and a Half Men’ star’s claims contradict allegations made by some of Sheen’s previous sexual partners, who claimed that he had had unprotected sex with them despite knowing that he had the virus. Asked about this, Sheen again firmly denied the claims.

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“No one has been infected by me. No one.” Referring to previous partners, the actor said: “They claim the sorrow and the pity or whatever, but that's on them, and again I know the truth.”

However, while denying having unprotected sex with subsequent partners, he did admit to having not told some of them about his condition – explaining that he had been subjected to blackmail on the occasions he had revealed it.

“The only couple of times I didn't tell somebody was because the last 25 times I'd told somebody, they used it against me, and they used my medical condition for their own folly and financial gain,” he said. “The number of despicable charlatans that I thought were allies, that then turned against me, they were coming out of the woodwork, it was crazy.”

Morgan then asked him about his reaction when the diagnosis came through. “I thought no, no, wrong, please double check all the tests. Even among all the chaos you always think 'that'll just happen to somebody else'.”

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