Charlie Sheen is alive and well, despite a recent internet rumour that suggested the former 'Two and a Half Men' star was dead. The Sheen speculation comes just hours after a similar false rumour claimed Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner had passed away.
A fake story that the troubled actor was dead began circulating on Twitter yesterday (12th July 2011), with fans anxiously searching for confirmation of the news. One user re-tweeted a fake Msnbc story that read, "Charlie Sheen was found dead in his Beverly Hills early this morning, causes of his death are currently unknown" (sic), but a fan of the actor attempted to put the story to bed, tweeting, "Charlie Sheen is not dead! he just sent me a tweet RT". In fact, the actor had been tweeting regularly throughout the day, asking fans, "Might be time for an "I'll do anything party..." Vegas Anyone?" Rumours of the actor's passing may have originated from the news that his Two and a Half Men' character is set to be killed off. The actor was replaced by Ashton Kutcher for the upcoming new series, and writer Chuck Lorre has been working on ways in which to create a smooth transition between the two stars.
Charlie Sheen is reportedly close to agreeing a deal to return to television in a new sitcom. If given the go-ahead, the show is likely to debut in January 2012.