Charlie Sheen is back on television soon, and the formerly disgraced star is not going to let us forget it in the run up to his new sitcom 'Anger Management.' Though he was being interviewed to promote the new show, airing on US network FX, the actor couldn't resist dwelling further on the show that truly pushed him to megastardom and - eventually - disgrace, 'Two And A Half Men,' reports Usa Today.
"They've lost their point of view, man. [The show's producer Chuck Lorre] spent so much time trying to insult me through the character that he forgot how to write good jokes. Which is a compliment to me." Sheen said in relation to the show, which has seen ratings fall since Ashton Kutcher replaced him after he was fired, "But the reason I got to give Ashton props is I did what he did; I replaced Mike Fox" on ABC's Spin City. "I know what that's like. He's a good dude, I think he's a very talented guy."
Reflecting on how he reacted to his sacking, in which he produced a drug-fuelled tirade against his former bosses, Sheen suggested that he probably would've done things differently given the chance. "I would have been a little less vocal about the personal s*** against all the guys," he said, continuing "I was a little out of line. But I was so mad, they were so wrong. And that's why I pressed so hard, because I knew I couldn't lose. I couldn't even get a phone call. You put $400 million in a guy's pocket and he can't call you to say, 'Hey dude, you got to go.' I'm not bitter, I'm just sort of an observer to it now." Well. "I'm excited for a work environment that's a playground of imagination and not a quagmire of oppression."