Charlie Sheen has been in "discussions" about returning to 'Two and Half Men'.

The troubled actor was fired from the US comedy in February after it had to be cancelled partway through filming its eighth series because he was hospitalised following a 36-hour drink and drug session with a bevy of porn stars - but has suggested he might be invited back.

The 45 year old told Boston radio station WBZ-FM: "There's been discussions, but I was asked not to divulge anything. Had they told me at the end of season eight that that behaviour wasn't going to be cool, I would have adjusted it."

Charlie also hinted he isn't getting paid for his most recent participation in the show, which is produced by Warner Brothers Television.

He said: "I'm supposed to [be getting paid], but that's - what's the term? - being withheld."

The revelation comes as a surprise after Charlie reacted with hostility when he first learned he had lost his job and filed a $100 million lawsuit against Warner Brothers and the show's creator Chuck Lorre.

He said at the time: "You guys want to go to war, let's go to war. When I call winner, game over, I hope you all have your apologies ready, I hope you're writing them now."