Magarita Palestino's lawsuit against George Bogen alleges wrongful termination, retaliation and sexual harassment.

She previously sued Sheen over the encounter and that, from a year ago (Oct14), is pending.

According to both suits, Palestino claims the actor visited the dentist in September, 2014 and lashed out at her physically and verbally in the examination room.

She claims at one point he grabbed her breast and attempted to remove her bra, and then yelled, "I'm going to kill you!" as she backed away.

Palestino also claims Sheen punched her in the chest as the dentist was administering an anaesthetic. She left the room and refused to return.

Before leaving, Sheen's personal assistant handed Palestino $500 (£312) for her "troubles, according to the suit.

The plaintiff also claims Bogen told her that Sheen was high on crack cocaine, a painkiller and alcohol and demanded she deny that the attack happened "or lose her job".

Palestino filed a police report against Sheen and was fired three days later, according to the court papers, obtained by City News Service.

The actor's representative, Jeff Ballard, previously alleged that Sheen had suffered a bad reaction to the gas, brought on by medication he was taking for a shoulder injury, causing him to flail around during the procedure and knock over instruments.

Sheen's attorney, Martin Singer, blasted Palestino's initial accusations as "ridiculous" and "absurd", and branded the dental worker "an opportunist looking to make her 15 minutes of fame".