Sheen changes name. Actor Charlie Sheen has decided to drop his screen name for the upcoming movie Machete Kills, instead reverting back to the name his father gave him; Carlos Estevez. The actor Americanised his name, just as his father Martin Sheen had done before him, in order to appeal more to Hollywood executive and American audiences, however he has decided to go back to his roots for his next appearance.

The upcoming Robert Rodriguez movie will see the actor portray the American president and in order to get into the mood of the Latino action thriller, Sheen has decided to revert back to his Latin American roots, despite taking on the most American of roles. TMZ first broke the news, obtaining a screenshot from the opening credits that sees the former Two and a Half Men star assume his birth name. Interestingly enough, this will be the first time that Charlie has assumed his birth name in any acting role.

Charlie's dad, Martin Sheen, was born Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estevez, but changed to the more American audience-friendly name in order to gain more exposure in Hollywood. Despite retaining this name throughout his career the veteran actor never changed his name legally and thus his children were all born with the name Estevez. Unlike his brother Emilio, Charlie decided to follow his father's example and use a more American-sounding name; a decision that worked tremendously in his favour.

Charlie Sheen Scary Movie 5
"Call me Carlos"

Machete Kills is the follow-up to Rodriguez's campy action flick Machete, and will see star Danny Trejo resume his titular role as Machete Cortez. The film also features Amber Heard, Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba and Cuba Gooding Jr. as well as a host of other stars. The film will be released in cinemas 13 September 2013.

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Sheen might stick with his birth name in future