Busted want babies to be ''conceived'' to their new album.

The electronic pop trio - who have recently reunited - comprised of Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Willis, have admitted they are desperate for their fans to love their music and want people to have special ''moments'' when they listen to their comeback album 'Night Driver'.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Bourne said: ''I want people to have moments to our music. I want people have children to our music.''

And bassist Willis added: ''Yes, they'll be like, 'Timothy here was conceived to your album!'''

Although the group want their LP to go down a treat with their supporters, they have revealed they don't necessarily want their song to be a chart success as they wouldn't have released it on Black Friday - when products are discounted - if they did.

The band's frontman Simpson explained: ''Look if we were doing this for charts we wouldn't release on Black Friday, it's the most competitive week.

''We'd release on the second or third week in January when it's basically guaranteed.''

Meanwhile, the group have previously admitted they have changed their ways since their self-titled debut album.

Speaking previously to BANG Showbiz, Willis said: ''I think we would all hate it.

Don't get me wrong we love the old stuff. We look back on it fondly, but that was then. That was a part in our lives when that made sense for us to do that.''