Charlie Simpson has finally opened up on a few issues that have been plaguing him for years - namely, his relationship with his former Busted bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne, who have since formed supergroup McBusted. Speaking this morning on ITV's Lorraine, the now solo singer and guitarist was happy to chat about his life lately.

On having recently re-discovered his friendship with Bourne and Willis, Simpson said. "I hadn't seen them for a long time, six or seven years, and it's been really nice. Almost rebuilding our relationship so I'm pleased - everyone is in a good place, everyone is enjoying doing what they're doing and it's all good."

However, Charlie made sure to point out that his 2005 departure, subsequent folding of the band, and seven years of not seeing Matt and James wasn't due to hard feelings between the group members. "There was never any animosity between me, Matt and James. They're doing the supergroup now and I'm really happy for them," he revealed.

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The 29 year-old musician also revealed a huge piece of news: he's marrying his long-term girlfriend Anna Barnard next week! "I'm getting married next week," he told Lorraine Kelly, adding "Which is scary - it's all been a bit crazy, releasing an album, getting married, but I'm looking forward to it."

He added that he didn't know whether he'd be performing solo on his big day, as McFly's Tom Fletcher famously did last year. "I think if it wasn't my job it might be a nice thing to do but because I'm a singer I'm worried it looks at bit." he said, before adding; "My backing solo band are my wedding band!"

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Simpson's Busted departure was due to his need to foster his other, heavier band, Fightstar. Since 2010, Charlie has been a solo artist, releasing his first album Young Pilgrim in August 2011 with a second album, Long Road Home, due on release in August.

Charlie Simpson
Charlie Simpson Has Said He Didn't See Busted Bandmates Matt Or James For Years.