Charlize Theron's son was potty trained on the set of 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed her son Jackson, three, learnt how to ''pee standing'' on the set of the action film, which began shooting in Namibia in 2012.

South African star Charlize - who is engaged to Hollywood actor Sean Penn - told Italian magazine IO Donna: ''He (Jackson) was the mascot of the crew. He feels at home in Africa; it was there he took his first steps, he said the first words and he learned how to pee standing! He has spent more time in Africa than in Los Angeles. The night we left Swakopmund, Namibia, he was crying because everything was over.''

Revealing how he behaved on the film set, she added:''Amazing! He was so happy! He's such a relaxed and happy child.''

After adopting Jackson in March 2012, Charlize - who portrays warrior woman Imperator Furiosa in the action film - took some time off from her career in order to focus on parenting because her goals had changed.

She explained: ''In life there are other things besides films - like family and personal relationships. It isn't a secret that my job has never been on the top of my values. I am lucky because I can afford long periods of inactivity. At that moment I wanted to travel and do different things, to recharge my batteries and have a child.''