Veteran actress Charlotte Rampling refuses to go under the knife to preserve her looks as she's convinced facelifts make ageing stars look "creepy".
The Swimming Pool star has no plans to undergo cosmetic surgery after turning 66 years old on Sunday (05Feb12) because she's determined to age gracefully.
She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "There's something creepy about actresses with facelifts. You don't know what you're looking at... What's behind these strange masks? You can't see the feeling in their faces any more. But if you dare to grow old, there's something beautiful about it.
"The creed and the code in Los Angeles is: 'Do it!' And if you don't do it, you're a renegade. And if you're a renegade there, where do you go? Europe, I suppose.
"Once you start, your face starts to change, and then you start to say: 'Oh, I need a bit more here and a little bit more there.' I would rather bear the agony of saying, 'Let my face get older naturally, and let the wrinkles and lines show!'"