Movie icon Charlton Heston was so embarrassed by his thinning hair he wore two wigs on stage, according to Star Trek's George Takei.
The Planet of the Apes actor was starring in A Man For All Seasons at a theatre in London's West End in 1987.
And Heston made sure he wore his regular hairpiece at all times - despite having to don a large wig during the shows.
Takei says, "There was another actor that wore two helmets in a play on the West End at the Savoy Theatre as matter of a fact, an American... Charlton Heston was as bald as a billiard ball, so he wore a hairpiece, a toupee - and he didn't like to reveal that fact. So he came in to the theatre with the toupee on, he was doing A Man For All Seasons... so on top of his toupee he'd put the Sir Thomas More wigs on, can you imagine how hot it was? Two wigs on: His toupee and that full head of hair."