Charlyne Yi, the American actress and comedian, is set to guest on the new CONAN O BRIEN show tonight (11th November 2010). The 24-year-old, perhaps best known for writing and starring in the award winning film 'Paper Heart', will appear on the talk-show alongside 'Mad Men' star JOHN HAMM, and the band Fistful of Mercy - a super-group featuring Dhani Harrison, Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur.
'Paper Hearts' won the 'Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award' at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, and Yi played a fictionalised version of herself. The movie portrayed Yi's relationship with her ex-boyfriend Michael Cera. The actress was formerly a member of the band OLD LUMPS with JESSICA COWLEY and DAVE HORWITZ, and was one half of the musical duo GLASS BEEF.
Conan's new show on TBS has begun with strong ratings, with the first week's guests including Tom Hanks, Jack White, and Seth Rogen. In January 2010, the 47-year-old host was paid off by NBC in order to free-up the 'Tonight Show' chair for the return of Jay Leno.