Charmed beauty Alyssa Milano has vowed to be more careful about what she says in interviews, after her joke comment about gardening in the nude was taken seriously.

The sexy actress, who was once romantically linked to pop hunk JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, caused a stir when she jokingly revealed that she likes to go gardening with as little clothes on as possible and she's lived to regret it ever since.

She says, "In a men's magazine I said that I garden topless - not because I actually do, but because I was so bored of hearing myself talk. I was like, 'I wonder if I say this, if it'll get in.' And it got in.

"That was four years ago and still, to this day (people talk about it). I actually just came clean and said it was a lie about two months ago."

But Milano insists there was some truth to her statement.

She adds, "I love to garden."

05/10/2004 09:04