Chaz Bono relied on the "tremendous support" of Cher when he competed on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

The 42-year-old activist - who was born a woman named Chastity and began gender reassignment surgery around three years ago - struggled with an injury during his stint on this year's series of the celebrity dance contest but says his famous mother helped him battle on.

He said: "My mom was really into it. When you grow up with Cher as your mother - she's the performer in the family. My relatives laughed and asked, 'Do you dance.' I had tremendous support from her. She got me through it, especially when I hurt my knee.

"I appreciate everything she does and gives me,"

Chaz also admitted he feels like a "better" person than he was before he began the gender reassignment process.

He told the Huffington Post: "For all the people close to someone who transitions, it's difficult. You are the same person, but you're not. I'm much happier now. I'm a much better me than I used to be."

While Chas has been in a relationship with Jennifer Elias for five years, he joked he grew so close to some of his fellow 'Dancing With the Stars' contestants, they are all planning to leave their partners.

He said: "I have become friends with David Arquette and J.R. Martinez and Nancy Grace. We are going to leave our spouses!"