If fans wanted any further proof that Chaz Bono is taking his gender transformation seriously, than his latest comments in Rolling Stone magazine should provide everything they need to know.

Bono, the son of pop star Cher who was born a female before changing gender, says he is looking to complete one of the final steps in the overall transformation. Speaking to the magazine, the writer and activist, said, "I could get a phalloplasty, which builds the phallus from a donor site on your body, but I'm leaning more toward a metoidioplasty" - in other words, he's going to purchase himself a penis. Chaz, who broke up with his fiance in December following his appearance on Dancing With The Stars expanded on the surgery, saying, "It's a procedure that uses what you already have down there, which has grown larger from the testosterone. You end up with a smaller phallus than with the phalloplasty, but it's fully functional, it gets erect, and the sensation is all there". Revealing even more details, the 42-year-old claimed the procedure would cost between $25,000 and $45,000 if he used a recommended doctor in Belgrade, though he stressed the importance of getting it right, saying, "I'd like to have the testicular implants and all of that, and I'd like to be able to urinate through it".

During a separate interview with People magazine, Bono claimed he was ready to begin dating again and could use his experience on Dancing with the Stars to woo the ladies, saying, "I really want to start dancing again".