What have you bought recently? Here at Contact Music, we bought some hacky sacks to liven up our lunch breaks. Our record is a measly six though, as the someone just can't keep it up. Chelsea Clinton isn't buying hacky sacks, she's buying $10m Manhattan apartments, and she's probably not even playing hacky sack inside.

The eye-wateringly expensive lump of real estate comprises 5,000 sq ft and has four bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a home office and den. Few questions: what is half a bathroom and what does one do in a den? Doesn't sound big enough for hacky sack. It's got lovely views of the park though, and you know what game you can play in the park? The apartment also has its own gym, a key-locked elevator and a media room.

Chelsea, 33, and Marc, 35, "live in the neighborhood and found the building on their own while out walking. It's great for them, because it is in a hot neighborhood and it is very private," a source told the Post. "There aren't hundreds of neighbors, and there is great security."

So it looks like being the only child of Bill Clinton has its benefits, if you can look past the constant media scrutiny surrounding his sexual whims. Small price to pay for a $10m house. Does that even make sense? Who cares.

Chelsea ClintonChelsea Clinton's Apartment Is Thought To Be Worth $10.5 Million