Chelsea Handler says Russell Brand was her worst-ever chat show guest.

The 'Chelsea Lately' host claims the British comic is the only interviewee to have been a ''pain in the ass'' during her seven-year stint on the show, and he caused havoc on set by disrupting filming schedules.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: ''The only person who was a pain in the ass was Russell Brand. I would never want him back.

''He stopped all of our production schedules because he needed three espressos before he could even come on for his interview.''

Chelsea is stepping down from her show in August and is relieved to be getting the chance to talk about something else as she is so tired of celebrity culture.

She added: ''Anything but the Kardashians interest me. Anything that exists within real culture - that's what I'm interested in now.

''I could have had a choice not to talk about the Kardashians on my show but people tune in for me making fun of everybody. It's what I do.

''And now I want to do things differently. I'll be announcing a new show soon.''