Conan O’Brien and Chelsea Handler found themselves caught up in a rather awkward confrontation… in the studio shower. Naked. The funny skit was shown on the Chelsea Lately show last night (April 3, 2013) and frankly, we’re grateful that modern technology has developed enough to include the art of pixellation. Even with it, there wasn’t much left to the imagination here.

The root of Chelsea and Conan’s apparent beef seems to be that Conan’s mad at Chelsea for taking over his studio. And his shower. And his parking space. And his back massager. The funny bit there, for the record, is that Chelsea claims she’s been using that back massager every day. But claims she didn’t realise it was for her back (we’ll let you figure that one out yourselves…). The skit then takes a rather bizarre tongue as Conan claims that he’s getting turned on by Chelsea’s nudity and they go on to have an odd debate about whether or not Chelsea is in fact a man or a woman. The sketch ends with the arrival of O’Brien’s sidekick Chuy Bravo, on a mobility scooter. Also naked.

The skit was shown not long after news broke that there would be another, very real upset in the word of late night T. Jay Leno has confirmed that he will be leaving the Tonight Show and will be replaced by Jimmy Fallon. 

Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler - pictured here on Oscars night 2013