We knew that comedienne and late night talk show host Chelsea Handler had packed her bags and all but left E!, but now we know where her new home will be, at Netflix! The online streaming service, which has found success with ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ is now looking to move into the talk show market and who better to lead their charge their charge than Chelsea Handler. But what do we know about Chelsea’s new partnership with Netflix?

Chelsea HandlerChelsea Handler has officially left E! for Netflix

1. They’re in it for the long haul

Netflix isn’t expecting their partnership with Chelsea to be a brief fling. The streaming service has inked a seven year deal with the comedienne which is as long as her partnership with E! lasted. It looks like Ms Handler might be a secret serial monogamist.

2. Chelsea won’t be lately anymore

Chelsea’s E! talk show was the channel’s flagship late night programme, but once Handler moves to Netflix you’ll no longer have to stay up late to watch her. Chelsea’s show will be available on demand, meaning you can watch it whenever you want, morning, noon or night. But the question is, how will this effect the talk show format? Can Chelsea still stay current if we choose when we want to watch her?

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3. But we’ll have to wait a while

The bad news is, Chelsea’s new series wont start until 2016, which right now seems like a lifetime away.

4. Still we’ll kept occupied

The good news is Netflix isn’t going to leave us without Chelsea while we wait for her new talk show to start. The comedienne will be filming a stand up special and four documentaries for the service to keep us going over the next 18 months. This Friday (June 20th) Chelsea will tape a stand up special in Chicago to air this October. Then next year she’ll be making four documentaries exclusively for Netflix where we’re told we’ll see her trying to “gain a better understanding on a variety of subjects ranging from NASCAR to politics and from Silicon Valley to the NBA draft.”

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5. The talk show fomat will be revolutionised

Netflix believes that Chelsea’s new series will “revolutionise the talk show” as well as “reimagining” the genre for the on-demand generation. It’s a bold statement, but both Netflix and Handler could really be on to something here. More and more, late night talk shows are being condensed down into bitesized viral clips to be shared over social media. The talk show format might not be completely dying out, but it is certainly in need of a shake up. By specifically creating a talk show that can be watched online anytime, Chelsea’s show could become the video equivalent of a podcast, with viewers watch an episode whenever they want without it feeling immediately dated.

Chelsea HandlerChelsea's new talk show will debut in 2016

6. An unrestrained Chelsea?

Chelsea’s made no secret of her growing dissatisfaction with the E network, but will her move to Netflix see the comedienne becoming even edgier? Without network censorship we could get an even more unrestrained Chelsea where no topics are off limits. Now that’s both an exciting and scary prospect.