Singer Chely Wright has made crowdfunding history by asking her fans to help raise the cash to release and promote her new album.

The gay star launched a campaign last month (Sep14) and raised $250,000 (Gbp156,250), which surpassed her target and will enable her to make a video for the first single off the album.

She tells Rolling Stone Country, "It went gangbusters. It was the sixth most successful music campaign in Kickstarter's history and the number one most successful campaign in country music in Kickstarter history. I say that, really, to just brag on my fans and the enthusiasm they have.

"I knew I had new Lgbt (lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual) fans or straight-ally fans after I came out, but those people don't always translate into people who want to buy your records. They'll hit the 'like' button your Facebook page because they like that you're living an authentic life, but a lot of them will say, 'But I hate country music. I'm not going to buy her record, but it's cool that she came out'.

"I wasn't sure who I had left. I was blown away."