Country star Chely Wright has shut down her fan club after learning volunteers were at the centre of a scam to get her latest hit played on radio stations.

Wright's patriotic BUMPER OF MY SUV song became an unexpected hit on country music radio stations earlier this month (DEC04), but Wright has discovered the song only became a smash after fan club workers pretended to be war veterans and families of those posted in Iraq called up programmers requesting the song.

Wright has since sacked the president of her fan club, CHUCK WALTER, and shut down all activities of his 17-member volunteer `street team.'

Wright insists she was unaware of the promotional tactics: "I, in no way, condone or endorse the actions of my fan club president.

"I wish to apologise on behalf of my organisation and any representative of my organisation that may have engaged in any activity that could be construed as unethical."

27/12/2004 01:37