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Clockenflap 2016 - Preview

Chemical Brothers

Clockenflap is back in its 9th year this November 25-27 2016 and ready to take Hong Kong by storm with their latest line-up announcements. Legendary electronic duo, The Chemical Brothers (UK), South African rap-ravers, Die Antwoord (SA), R&B mastermind Blood Orange (UK), American indie rockers Yo La Tengo (US) and many more have been added to an iconic music lineup that already consists of Sigur Rós (IS), Foals (UK) and ??? Cheer Chen (TW).

Clockenflap 2016 Logo

The city's biggest outdoor music and arts festival will take place at Central Harbourfront with Hong Kong's stunning skyline forming the perfect backdrop to the most exhilarating weekend of the year.

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SW4 2016 - Live Review

If the August bank holiday weekend conventionally signals the end of the British summer of music festivals, you would have done well to find a better way to conclude the season than witnessing the Chemical Brothers at SW4 on Clapham Common.

SW4 2016 - Live Review

With a modestly sized 20,000 people in attendance, the SW4 organisers decided to end all the other acts playing before Chemical Brothers took to the stage, ensuring the entire audience witnessed a set they would never forget. An extremely uncommon feat at a music festival, and huge compliment to the London born DJ's.

Wasting zero time in breaking out the classics, the duo introduced themselves with 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl', which naturally grabs everyone's attention. Over the next 90 minutes an electronic masterclass in build up, drops, mixes and classic hits would overcome the crowd to complete raucous behavior, feelings of ecstasy and pure thumping energy.

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SW4 2016 - Preview

Chemical Brothers Above And Beyond Four Tet

As the last bank holiday weekend of the summer approaches, most passionate electronic aficionados get ready for the influx of world-class disc jockeys that land in London for the two-day festival that is SW4. And for those who lack the erudition of the festival, it is further reason for you to keep on reading.

SW4 2016

Fundamentally bringing some of the biggest acts from Ibiza to Clapham Common for two days may seem like a surreal notion, however, with every year, the festival in SW4 (the post code of the festival) gets more augmented, and this year is no different.

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The Chemical Brothers Announce New Album With Lead Track 'Sometimes I Feel So Deserted' [Listen]

Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are set to return with an all new studio album this Summer, 'Born In The Echoes', featuring eleven tracks of captivating electronica and a host of impressive collaborators. They also unveil the stunning first track 'Sometimes I Feel So Deserted'.

The Chemical Brothers promoThe Chemical Brothers are back! With some special guests...

The electronic pioneers bring back their brand of mind-bending musicianship, five years since the release of their last record 'Further'. While there was no sign of any musical guests on that album, 'Born In The Echoes' changes all that by introducing a host of new and old collaborators. Q-Tip, who last appeared on 2005's 'Push the Button', will feature on track two 'Go', and Ali Love will return for 'EML Ritual'. Meanwhile, they have also taken on board the talents of St. Vincent for 'Under Neon Lights', Cate Le Bon on the title track and Grammy winning Beck on 'Wide Open'.

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Universal Music Publishing Release 'Trap For Cinderella' Soundtrack

Posted on11 July 2013

Universal Music Publishing Release 'Trap For Cinderella' Soundtrack

Chemical Brothers, Don't Think - Live From Japan Album Review

Earlier this year, The Chemical Brothers became the first artists of their kind to release a four-dimensional movie of a live performance in cinemas only. Recorded last July at the Fuji Rock festival in Niigata, Japan, 'Don't Think' is a visually interactive documentary that captures the essence of The Chemical Brothers live performance in every way possible. Having witnessed the cinematic experience at Nottingham's Showcase in February alongside a smattering of hardcore fans and passers by, its one of those films that demands to be seen, perhaps more importantly, in the right surroundings. Directed by Adam Smith, whose previous credits range from overseeing episodes of Dr Who and Skins to music videos for The Streets as well as providing visuals for The Chemical Brothers first ever gig in 1994, 'Don't Think' is a timeless collection of footage highlighting the euphoric intensity of one of the UK's most consistent live acts these past two decades.

Chemical Brothers - Don't Think - Live From Japan Album Review

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The Chemical Brothers, We Are The Night Album Review

The Chemical Brothers
We Are The Night
Album Review

The Chemical Brothers are as inextricably linked to the 90s as bucket hats, Noel Gallagher's eyebrow and ridiculous affluence, and on the evidence of We Are The Night, they haven't moved on much.'All Rights Reversed' is decidedly dodgy from the rather suspect pun title downwards, even a turn from Klaxons unable to lift it above third-rate emo-dance, whereas the presence of the ubiquitous 'Do It Again' only serves to remind us just how irritating it is, in all its sub-Timbaland glory.

That's not to say the album fails on all counts, 'The Pills Won't Help You Now' is a triumphantly sweet piece of downbeat pop, featuring vocals from Tim Smith of Midlake. Also, 'A Modern Midnight Conversation' is a brilliantly disorientating drone, complete with woozy synths and buzzing sitars.

These moments though, are havens in a desert of half-baked Big Beat and undeveloped ideas. 'Battle Scars' wastes the raw vocal talent of Willy Mason with a dull dirge, elsewhere 'The Salmon Dance' is probably intended to be ironic, but just sounds like an excruciating novelty song.

When an act with so many epochal tracks behind them produces something as underwhelming as We Are The Night, it's a real shame, especially when they make such poor use of stellar guest stars.

Ben Davis

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