Cher Lloyd has taken up knitting.

The 20-year-old singer, who has been on a two year hiatus after achieving success in America, has been spending her spare time creating knitted scarves.

Speaking to Heat radio after her set at the Isle of Wight Festival, she said: ''I've recently taken up knitting. I knit scarves and blankets but that's as far as I'm at as the patterns are confusing me. I knit, I watch 'EastEnders' and do my knitting ... it's relaxing.''

The 'I Wish' star admits she didn't initially plan to take so much time out of the industry but felt she had a lot of maturing to do after finding success on ITV talent show 'The X Factor' in 2010.

She said: ''I've been away two years and I'm a new person. I packed my bag for two weeks but have come back two years later.

''I realised I had a lot of growing up to do, and it's the best thing I could have done. I needed to do a lot of growing up ... I was a brat when I was on 'The X Factor'. I was a teenager with all those hormones going on but I was doing it in front of millions.''

She added: ''Everyone had an opinion [about me], I've even annoyed myself. I'm back and I'm better now.''

Cher is going head-to-head in a chart battle with 'X Factor' mentor Cheryl Cole with her new single 'Sirens' out on July 20, the same day as Cheryl releases 'Crazy Stupid Love'.

Cher said: ''I didn't realise it was out on the same day. She was my 'X Factor' mentor! I cannot think of a better person to ask for advice now we are back.

''We're not in touch but I would like to speak to her. We had an amazing experience together, I hope she feels the same.''

Cher is also glad to see Cheryl back on 'The X Factor' panel with Simon Cowell and admits she would like to meet up with her record label boss.

She added: ''Not over dinner though, that's too formal. That's not me. Despite the rumours ... I'm still signed to Syco!''