Cher Lloyd isn't ''going to apologise'' for her bad attitude early in her career.

The 'Sirens' hitmaker has admitted she had a bad attitude in the past, but insisted she is done with saying sorry, explaining she is a ''different person now''.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I'm not going to apologise any more. I've done enough of that. Of course a 16-year-old girl isn't going to be experienced enough to cope with some of those things I went through.

''I've no excuses, but everybody goes through that stage where their behaviour isn't the best.

''I'm a different person now and much more confident in myself and my songs. I can speak up now and say what I want now.''

Cher, 20, described her life - living ''out of 11 suitcases'' travelling the world with her husband Craig Monk - as an ''extended honeymoon'' and certainly seems happy since moving to the US.

She said: ''I've lived out of 11 suitcases for two years now. My husband travels with me and it's like an extended honeymoon.

''It's not every day a young married couple get to travel the world together. We are very busy but it's exciting.''