Cher Lloyd says she was shocked by her success in the US.

The 'Want U Back' hitmaker has become a big star both in the States and in her homeland of the UK, and she never expected to have spent more than a fortnight there when she first visited to promote her music.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper's Fabulous magazine: ''I don't quite know how it all kicked off in America. That was never my plan.

''My thing was always to make it over here [in the UK] because I love my country. Being successful here is what counts for me.

''I went to America with one suitcase, planning to stay for two weeks, and then two years later I was still there!''

Now focusing on her homeland again, Cher was quick to point out she wants to show people in the UK exactly what she can do.

She explained: ''My big ambition now is just to come home and let people see who I am, how I've changed and how I've grown up.

''I really want to be a success here. This is where I come from and who I am. I really want to make it work.''