Following the release of the brilliant cover of ABBA's 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' by Cher, we've decided to take a look back at music through the decades and pick out 5 of our favourite covers! There's a little something for everybody here, so grab your headphones and get listening to our picks for the best covers of all time...

5. Bjork - 'It's Oh So Quiet'

Not many people know this, but Bjork didn't actually release 'It's Oh So Quiet' for the first time! That honour instead fell to Betty Hutton, who released the song back in 1951 after it was composed by Hans Lang. This song's just a lot of fun, and perfect for a night on the karaoke! Nobody can resist singing along when that infamous chorus comes around!

4. Whitney Houston - 'I Will Always Love You'

This is another tune that not many people know isn't the original! It was in fact Dolly Parton who first released 'I Will Always Love You', with a completely different arrangement to the iconic 'Bodyguard' track. Both versions are beautiful to listen to, but Whitney's always seems to win out if they go head to head!

3. Gary Jules - 'Mad World'

Not the most uplifting song in our list of five, but we couldn't put this list together and forget to include Gary Jules! Originally recorded by Tears for Fears, 'Mad World' is one of those ethereal songs that really traps you within its grasp from the opening lyrics, right through until the very end. A gorgeous, yet tragic tune.

2. Fall Out Boy - 'Beat It'

This Michael Jackson classic was given a punk rock makeover when Fall Out Boy decided to really make it their own. Every 90s kid remembers headbanging their way through this hit when it came on during the school disco, living out our emo days and ensuring everybody thought we were all a little bit edgier than we actually were...

1. Sinead O'Connor - 'Nothing Compares 2 U'

Originally recorded by The Family, this hit is Sinead's defining track and has paved the way for a hugely successful career! Miley Cyrus even said she was inspired by Sinead's music video for the tune, when she was recording the visuals for her own hit song, 'Wrecking Ball'.