Cher says being famous has ruined her social life.

The 'Believer' singer claims her superstar status has robbed her of her freedom and she wishes she could go out in public without people hounding her.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I don't remember the last time I went out. I am not happy. I like being an artist and really like being creative but I love my freedom too. However that's one thing I have lost.''

The 67-year-old star - who first shot to fame in 1965 aged 19 - especially misses visiting her favourite tourist hotspots in London, insisting that wearing a disguise wouldn't help her plight.

Cher said: ''I would love to just go to the Victoria and Albert Museum and wander around the exhibitions. It's one of my favourite places but I just can't.

''I lived in London twice and loved walking around the city. But not now. It's hard for me to wear a disguise because people have seen me in every hair colour and style imaginable. Everyone's got a phone camera as well.''

The mother-of-two - who has a son, Chaz, who underwent a sex change to become a man in 2010 - with her late ex-husband Sonny Bono, and son Elijah with ex-husband Gregg Allman - is hoping Elijah will help her fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a grandmother.

She sighed: ''I really would like to be one. It would be so great to have the fun part and then send the child home. I'm hoping Elijah may help on that front.''