Cheryl Burke is "likely" to have finished her last season of 'Dancing with the Stars.'

The 38-year-old star has served as a professional on the ABC ballroom show since 2007 but following her recent elimination in Season 31 with partner Sam Champion, she has warned that she has probably competed for the last time because her body is "telling her to stop".

She said: "A lot of people have asked me if this is my last season. The answer to that question is likely yes, this is my last season, as a dancer that is.

"To have been a part of a show for 26 seasons, it is hard for me [to leave]... I always come back, because, I guess, it's really hard to say goodbye to a show and to a family, that I've only known here in Los Angeles.

"I moved here when I was 21. I'm 38 now. My body is also telling me to stop and it has been."

The 'Dance Moms' coach - who was married to 'Boy Meets World' actor Matthew Lawrence but split with him in 2022 after three years of marriage - went on to add that despite rumours that she wants a child, her apparent exit from 'Dancing With The Stars' has more to do with the "uncertainty" of what else may come in life.

Speaking on her 'Burke in the Game' podcast, she added: "I know a lot of people are saying it's because I want kids, that is not the reason... The reason is because I want to be OK with the uncertainty of what life is about to throw at me.

"Until I close a chapter, how do I expect another one to open? I do believe, though, that I have proven myself enough to where I could either be a correspondent or host. Not saying I'm trying to take anybody's job, you guys. Please don't write about that.

"I'm just saying you can always add another host. You can always add another judge. It's a two-hour show with no commercial breaks. There are other options I have and we are currently in the middle of discussing all of this at the moment, so I will definitely keep you guys posted on what that means.

"It is what it is. Life moves on. There's life after 'Dancing With The Stars', I do know that."