Cheryl Cole has revealed the reason why a Girls Aloud come back might not be on the cards just yet as it turns out her rift with former band-mate Nadine Coyle wont be fixed with too much ease.

It has long been expected that the reason behind the girl's demise in 2009 was down to the competitive nature felt between the two girls, and now Cheryl has come out and admitted that that was the reason behind the split, but it was completely down to Nadine and had nothing to do with her.

The revelation comes from her new book Cheryl: My Story, in which the singer says that the whole group knew that the band's time was just about up when Nadine refused to join the girls to the 2008 BRIT Awards, despite being up for the award for Best Group. Cheryl also reveals in her book that it was no secret that Nadine has trying to break America as a solo artist, and she even brought her own tour manager on tour with the rest of the girl on their last tour.

Nadine, whose solo career never quite took off, will be rejoining Cheryl and the rest of the girls this Friday to celebrate their 10th anniversary on next week's Strictly Come Dancing.