Perhaps Cheryl Cole's future doesn't lie in talent contest judging. After being sacked by The X Factor for having an unintelligible accent, she's been told she won't be making the move to the BBC's The Voice singing show.

Cheryl Cole
Cole's Time As A Talent Judge May Be Over.

Cole, 30, has allegedly been rejected from the The Voice judge job despite Jessie J and Danny O'Donoghue's exits meaning there are two big red chairs going cold. The Sun reports that Cheryl's snub comes as a result of her being still too closely linked with The X Factor, with a source saying "Even though Cheryl is a massive name, she's still too closely identified with The X Factor. Producers want to bring on stars who don't have that kind of previous relationship."

Cheryl Cole
She Attempted To Break America But No One Could Tell What She Was Saying.

Cole lasted three series on the show, quitting the UK X Factor in 2010 to follow Simon Cowell to The X Factor USA which began the following year. However, the Geordie star was sacked after just three episodes because the American audience claimed not to understand her thick accent, leaving Cole upset and working relationships soured.

Cheryl Cole Fancies Her As A Judge On The Voice But Producers Aren't Too Sure.

Cheryl's collaborator and friend, has spoken out to say that he thinks that X Factor or no X Factor, Cole would still do a marvellous job sticking to UK television contest, The Voice. Speaking to WIRED magazine, as reported by MTV News, spoke of why he wanted the pop star in the twirly chair next to him as a co-judge: "Cheryl has been very successful on music talent shows in the past. She's great with the contestants and really gives everything to them. But also the audience loves her, which is so important on these shows, you need to be likeable.

"She has been concentrating on other things, but I could see her getting back into a talent show for sure. She would have offers from The UK and The US - but she would be perfect for The Voice."
Don't Worry Chezza, Still Likes You.

The former Black Eyed Peas producer and singer could also be leaving The Voice himself, having apparently been offered a job on American Idol and has kept schtum in recent interviews when asked whether he'd return for a third series of The Voice.