Cheryl Cole has spoken about the time when her brother discovered that her father was not also his. She describes her brother as being like a "crazy person" after making the discovery that his biological father was not who they thought. 

In her biography, 'Cheryl: My Story', Cole explains the revelation at her family home in Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northern England, by saying: ''My brother Andrew had burst in the front door in a terrible rage. I'd never ever seen him in such a state and he started ranting and raving at my mum and dad."

She continues to say ''They looked really worried and my heart started beating super-fast. 'I'll explain it,' mum said. Her eyes looked sad and she had deep frown lines in her forehead. Dad had gone all quiet, which panicked me. The atmosphere felt chaotic. 'Is dad my real dad?' Andrew screamed in my mum's face. I swear the clock stopped for a second. He said someone told him in the street that my dad wasn't his real dad. Andrew was going so berserk that he looked like a crazy person. But however mad he looked, this was sounding horribly realistic.''

Joan Callaghan, Cheryl's mother, explained that her older siblings, Joe, Andrew and Gillian, had a different father to Cheryl and her younger brother Garry. Cole cites the incident as the reason that her mother and father, Garry Tweedy, later separated from one another, as well as leading to her brother Andrew's later involvement with the police.

She continues in her autobiography to say ''Mum and dad split not long after. Dad had an affair and mum tried to take him back, but they couldn't make it work anymore. The stress of bringing up five kids on her own, with the police banging at the door all the time, must have been hard to cope with. When Andrew was 15 he stabbed someone in a fight. This guy had punched Gillian in a pub. Everyone was in pieces. People were talking about prison, and I was lying awake again, worrying myself sick.''