Cheryl Cole wishes she could ''switch off'' and put her public persona away.

The 'Call My Name' singer finds it difficult being in the public eye, because she never gets any time to relax and finds it ''almost impossible'' to keep her public and private life separate.

She told BBC Newsbeat: ''Everybody else has a job and gets to go home for the weekend or switch off after work. Mine? It's being me. It can sometimes be a hard thing to do.''

Cheryl is to embark on her own solo tour of the UK in November, but jokes while she is headlining, her manager, Black Eyed Peas singer will want a centre stage part.

She added: ''He'll be really annoying, have lots of opinions and probably wants to put himself flying down onto the stage somehow at some point to join us on there.''

However, Cheryl never gets upset with and his crazy ideas, even if he can sometimes be difficult to get hold of.

She said: ''He takes time to answer his phone. He takes a long time to answer his email. I never get annoyed with him though, he's too loveable.''

Cheryl's third album, 'A Million Lights' is released on June 18.