Cheryl Cole has won a reputed £1.4 million payout from her battle with 'X Factor' USA bosses.

The 30-year-old singer was embroiled in a legal dispute with producers Blue Orbit after she was fired from the singing contest's judges panel in 2011 after a short three-week stint on the show and the case now been settled out-of-court.

The 'Call My Name' hitmaker sued producers for loss of earnings after she was promised a salary of £1.1 million for the first season - which she was paid - and an additional £1.4 million for the second in a ''pay or play'' deal - where the salary is payable even if she is forced to quit the show.

Cheryl was also believed to have claimed £64,000 wardrobe allowance, £16,000 stylist fee, £25,500 house and living fees and extra damages.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It's been a long fight between both sets of lawyers but is has come at a welcome relief to both parties it is finally over.

''Cheryl was determined to get what she thought she was owed and the award she has received shows just how right she was.

''The payout allows the slate to wiped clean for Cheryl after a gruelling year she had after being sacked.''

Cheryl - who was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger in May 2011 on 'X Factor' - is looking forward to getting her career back on track and begin work on her fourth album.

The source added: ''Both her tours and the legal battle took a lot out of her but she is now determined to get back to doing what she does best - entertaining her fans.''