One-time The X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been handed a hefty sum by producers of the show as compensation for her speedy dismissal from the series early in its first season. The Girls Aloud singer was fired from the show after producers began to worry that American audiences wouldn't be able to understand her thick Newcastle accent and her contract was quickly terminated, without warning.

Cheryl Cole
The X Factor has since hired another ineligible star to step into Cheryl's place, Paulina Rubio

As reported by the BBC, Cole appeared in only one episode of the show before being replaced by Nicole Scherzinger, who was initially signed on to serve as the show's host. Earlier this year, Cole sued the producers of the American Idol spin-off, Blue Orbit, for $2.3 million, citing loss of earnings resulting from her sudden dismissal from the series so early on. Cheryl had signed a two season contract before the show began, promising her a salary of $1.8 million for Season 1 and $2 million for Season 2. In her lawsuit, Cheryl also ask to be reimbursed for any expenses she may have had during her stay in Los Angeles, including her wardrobe and stylist for the show and living expenses, including food and accommodation, as well as interest, legal fees and "further relief as the court may deem just and appropriate."

The case was settled outside of court and the exact amount has not been revealed, and we doubt whether it ever will be, so we can only speculate that the figure is somewhere in the millions considering the amount that Cheryl was seeking in court.

Cheryl Cole Cannes
The singer may return to the UK version of the show

In the meantime since her dismissal from the show, Cheryl has been working on her fourth, still-untitled, album and has also been rumoured to be in talks with Simon Cowell over a potential return to the UK version of the show. Speaking with Metro, Cowell said, Cheryl and I patched up our differences a long time ago. I saw her recently, we speak a lot on the phone and text each other, and I think both of us would like the idea of working together again."

Simon Cowell
Cowell is also courting Rita Ora as a new judge on The X Factor UK